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The Relationship between Wisdom and Philosophy: Socrates and Aquinas

Wisdom is defined as, “accumulated knowledge, insight, and judgment” (Marriam-Webster 2013). Ironically, the definition of wisdom reflects the concept of philosophy, the science of the nature of thought. Marriam-Webster dictionary goes further, defining philosophy as “the pursuit of wisdom” (2013). … Continue reading

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The Christian Worldview

Worldview In simple terms, worldview is described as “an intellectual perspective on the world or universe”, (Funk, 2001). It is a term used throughout philosophy that underscores the critical thinking applied to the human experience. Worldview reflects one’s outlook of … Continue reading

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The Prince: Machiavelli’s Republican Government

Machiavelli’s literature continues to be taught, admired, and studied over the centuries. This is especially seen in his book called, The Prince, which gives unique insight of power and politics.  He provides a different understanding of legislature and republican government … Continue reading

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The Problem of Evil: Maimed and Abortive Children of Nature

Throughout the reading provided by David Hume, the author and philosopher question the existence of a higher power and its ability to be benevolent. The reading addresses a conversation between Cleanthese, Philo, and Demea. In it, the three characters discuss … Continue reading

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The Image of God and Self Perception: A Literature Review

The Bible tells us in Genesis 1:26-27 that man is made in God’s image. Some argue the meaning of this passage and what it means to be created in His likeness. Being made in God’s image- does this mean we … Continue reading

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