Russia Robinson

Bio: I use my writing talents, and skills I’ve learned through academics and experience, to benefit the greater good of society. Conducting research, writing articles, essays, and blogging, I give informative information on a variety of topics and issues that affect society. I also write creative works like children’s books, short stories, poems, and a novel in progress. I earned a BA in English creative writing and American literature from San Francisco State and graduate studies in Technical Writing at Kennesaw State University. Through my career in education and mental health I have spent more than 10 years’ helping young people succeed. I am a certifiable Language Arts teacher, working in education, social services, and mental health. Interested in my writing services? Feel free to contact me via email.

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  1. mike edwards sr says:

    *The ITCCS-The international Tribunal common courts of Belgium-has issued arrest warrants for several key elite individuals for crimes aginst humanity, satanic ritual sacrifice of infants and Murder. On the list is former pope joseph Ratzinger and pope Francis –many eye witness accounts testifies that Both popes were present and participated in the ritual killing of infants. –even as late as 2010. The occult group known as the “NINTH CIRCLE” satanic sacrifice order is responsible for the slayings. This order has existed hidden in the Vatican since 1773. *The website for the ITCCS is – ITCCS.Org where the public and the Law officials can review the arrest documents Online. *The ITCCS Judges gave court evidence from the archives of the Vatican–a manuscript called the “MAGESTERIAL PRIVALEDGE” -which states that ALL NEW POPES Must perform these satanic rituals to become a pope. *The law enforcement agencies in Europe have found many Mass Graves in Ireland, France, Germany,Spain<England< Belgium and canada and the Uninted states. * these many missing children were in the care of Catholic Orphanages and never reported missing or death records. *this is an Investigation into an International Pedophile Ring and authorities are saving innocent lives.

  2. Calvin B says:

    Hey there! I think we were pen pals in the 90s. You were an awesome writer back then and great at keeping in touch over some years, tough teenage ones! Thanks for that! I’m spending the day going thru photos and I just started in on letters. I’ve wondered about where old friends and connections have gone over the years…anyway if you remember me, I still live in Seattle, I was dealing with coming out at the time…I think maybe you introduced me to some cool bands! I used to go by Chris and I was quite a jock. A lot has changed since then! Glad to see you are writing! Cburnap at gmail

  3. Marcus Ampe says:

    Dear Russia Robinson, lovely you want to share your writings on the internet. You also say you can write “anything”. so, may we wonder if you would like to share some thoughts on the way human beings arrange their life and how we have to cope in this worldsystem?
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    We certainly can do with more articles like “Global Warming: Climate Change On Living Organism”. Please have a look at From Guestwriters to consider to join us.

  4. Hi Russia. I really like your website! !!!! Great job, you are so talented and smart. We miss you and love you so much. We hope you had a very merry christmas and we hope to see you soon.

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