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The Epidemiology of Obesity: An American Epidemic

Obesity continues to be a growing epidemic in America. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), one in three adults are considered obese, (2015). Obesity is associated with numerous risks to physical, mental, and emotional health. Those suffering from … Continue reading

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Reducing Obesity through Policy

Obesity affects as many as 30% of the population and associated with a variety of comorbid conditions. It remains a contributing factor to hypertension, diabetes, mellitus, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, and sleep disorders, (Weintraub et al, 2011). This causes increased concern … Continue reading

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Encouraging Federal Policy and Regulations against Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity must be addressed by policy makers to curb the epidemic of poor nutrition and exercise among American youth. According to the American Journal of Public Health 17% of youth are clinically obese, (Golust, Kite, Benning, Callanan, Weisman, & … Continue reading

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Healthy Nutrition in Infants

Adequate nutrition is vital for good health in all people, especial for infants and children. It is required for healthy growth and development and without it they can suffer incurable physical, biological, and neurological damage. Nutrition in young people continues … Continue reading

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