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Araby and A Rose for Emily: A Love Lost

Love is a popular theme in all areas of art including love songs, romance novels, and romantic movies. Love is an emotion that is felt by everyone, both the young and the old. The short stories, Araby and A Rose … Continue reading

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Is Marriage Happily Ever After?

Young women around the world dream of love and marriage from an early age. Girls plan out their dream wedding, create names for future children, and imagine their prince charming. Recent studies have concluded that these young girls are right, … Continue reading

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Love and Courtship in Classic Literature

Courtship is a popular topic among writers of the 16th and 17th century Europe as seen through the poetry and plays of this era. From this, readers can distinguish how men and women court one another. This includes how couples … Continue reading

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The Human Condition: Dynamic Relationships of Love Lost in Classic Literature

The human species is unique on this earth in that we have intelligence, a written language, and the power to manipulate the world around us. Although we are capable of these things, it does not let us know what it … Continue reading

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Faith of Abraham

Faith is the foundation of any religion, and this is also the case when reading the stories of the Bible. Faith is a word that is found throughout the Bible and used repeatedly. Hebrews 11:1 defines faith as, “the substance … Continue reading

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