Ford Motor Company: Financial Management of a Globalized Industry

Ford Motor Company is an international industry with operations, manufacturing, and distribution markets across the globe. With this they have companies in a variety of regions. These areas span across six continents including over 200 hundred markets and 108 plants. These include Asia, Central and South America, Africa, the Middle East, and Caribbean. Recognized as the “second largest automaker in the world” they have maintained a comparative advantage and successfully maneuvered the foreign exchange market.

Sustaining trade relations with gives Ford the competitive advantage over other automobile industries. In countries such as the United Kingdom and parts of Europe, competitive advantages are observed through differentiation, cost focus, and cost leadership. In other regions like Mexico and Asia, Ford participates in free trade agreements. It creates profitable relationships for both the nation and Ford industry. In conjunction with different international marketing features such as laissez faire, Ford Motors is able to expanding on opportunities in foreign trade.  and competitively compete in the international trade market and foreign exchange.

Management of a global industry like Ford Motors comes with challenges. It requires strategy of communication, operation, and distribution with different branches across the globe. “The utilization of company’s research and development strategy and analysis guides the management in every crucial major or minor business decisions”, (“ford motor company”, 2009). However, with a large and global industry, financial management must cope with foreign exchange markets. This includes its constant fluctuation and changes in exchange rates and international trade. Ford Motors must oversee currency rates around the globe from the pound and euro to the yen and peso. Maintaining swap and forward exchange rates along with hedging Ford must learn to manipulate a complicated foreign economy through strategic financial management.

Ford continues to maintain a strong industry capable of quality care and manufacturing of automobiles across the globe. With many potential hazards in this industry that can lead to corporate loss, Ford manages to stay in the lead. The company has implemented strategic financial plans, careful management of corporate branches, and development analysis. With this Ford has maintained “overseas operations [that] are situated on the specific areas where in Ford and its management maintain a corporate jurisdiction” (“ford motor company”, 2009). Technological advances with information technology and innovation in automotive and manufacturing Ford has remained a competitor. They have established a creative management team and strategic planning that created the business continuity seen in Ford Motors.



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